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Bring your coach into a live match situation. Compete for points while receiving tactical tips and mental support.


The match

Bring your coach into a match situation. Play for points and receive tactical tips and mental support.

Your coach is by your side via headphones during the training match and collaborates with you to develop the game plan. With the phone on the fence behind you, your coach has your perspective and can perfectly understand your situation.

You receive tips tailored to your playing style during the match and can implement them directly in the next exchange.
• Recognizing and managing one’s own and opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

• Increasing situational game intelligence and improving economical play.

• Formulating a match plan.

• Aligning shot selection with the opponent’s playing style
• Generating forced errors with pre-arranged plays.

• Controlling concentration and motivation.

• Developing routines for mental stability in pressure situations.



Allow your coach to lead you through a practice exercise. Define your personal training goals, and your coach will guide you through appropriate training routines.


The practice

You’ve booked a tennis court and have a player to train with. Your coach provides training formats through headphones that prepare you perfectly for a match. Tactics and mental attitude are the focus here. No special equipment is required.

Since the coach doesn’t have to hit the balls, they can fully concentrate on you. Of course, the racquet head plays a crucial role on the court, but what’s happening in your mind is even more important.
• Simulate game situations and plays tailored to your training goals and personal playing style.

• Strengthen the mechanics of your strokes and adjust impact points.

• Systematic construction and completion of points.

• Make correct shot decisions.

• Make correct footwork decisions.

• Adapt gameplay in different situations (offensive/defensive).

• Transition from offense to defense.

• Many exercises are focusing on the serve and return.



Schedule a session with your coach at the tennis wall or with a ball machine and take advantage of tips to improve your technique.


The wall

Book your coach for a session at the tennis wall and benefit from tips on your technique.

Feeling like training spontaneously again but no one’s available? The ball wall is always there for you!

Improve your technique and footwork against the wall or your serve on the court. Have an experienced coach watch over your shoulder. Benefit from valuable tips and avoid the development of mistakes. Even without a playing partner, you won’t be training alone. You’ll see, your motivation will be greater than the ball wall.
• Deepening of various footwork patterns.

• Establishment of a hitting rhythm.

• Selection and control of the stroke tempo (an efficient means to disrupt the opponent’s rhythm).

• Selection and control of the trajectory or spin.

• Adjusting distances to the impact point and impact point heights.

• Economical swing movements (avoiding inefficient use of force).

• Improvement of reaction speed.



Bring your coach along to your doubles training and receive tactical tips and mental support during the game.Coming soon!

Would you prefer to receive coaching in person on the court? Feel free to contact us:



AHEAD-COACH offers exactly what is typically missing in traditional tennis training: a focus on match tactics. I find the external perspective and close guidance extremely helpful for becoming more aware of my own strengths and weaknesses, as well as being able to assess those of my opponent more quickly and accurately. Because I’m in constant contact with the coach throughout the match, receiving immediate feedback and tips, I can implement and apply these insights right away. Besides that, it’s just a ton of fun and has reignited my passion for tennis after a rather sluggish winter. It’s the greatest gift ever. Thank you for that.


LK 9

I’ve been playing tennis since my childhood and have gone through various coaches and training methods, but I’ve never had live coaching in my ear while playing, so I was very curious about my first AHEAD-COACH session. After a simple setup with my phone camera, and AirPods, we got started, and I received great tips in real-time from a fellow tennis player during the match. Lucas analyzed my movement and playing style excellently and provided incredibly valuable advice that I could immediately put into practice on the court. It’s just a fantastic concept that I can recommend to anyone. I will definitely continue to incorporate these sessions into my training.


LK 14

I had the pleasure of trying out an AHEAD-COACH training, and I am absolutely thrilled with this new coaching approach. It exceeded my expectations in every aspect, from the simple setup to the excellent connection with the coach. It was almost as if the coach was right inside my head, and I could execute his instructions perfectly. I believe it’s a fantastic complement to regular training, especially when a physical coach is not available. What I particularly liked was the coaching experience created by having the headset in my ear. I felt closer to the coach and had the sensation that he could recognize and improve my technique exceptionally well. It was almost as if we were fused, and I could adopt his perspective on my technique. I highly recommend AHEAD-COACH to anyone looking to enhance their technique and experience tennis coaching in a new way.


LK 25


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