The wall

Book your coach for a session at the tennis wall and benefit from tips on your technique.

Feeling like training spontaneously again but no one’s available? The ball wall is always there for you!

Improve your technique and footwork against the wall or your serve on the court. Have an experienced coach watch over your shoulder. Benefit from valuable tips and avoid the development of mistakes. Even without a playing partner, you won’t be training alone. You’ll see, your motivation will be greater than the ball wall.
• Deepening of various footwork patterns.

• Establishment of a hitting rhythm.

• Selection and control of the stroke tempo (an efficient means to disrupt the opponent’s rhythm).

• Selection and control of the trajectory or spin.

• Adjusting distances to the impact point and impact point heights.

• Economical swing movements (avoiding inefficient use of force).

• Improvement of reaction speed.